Day of Treatment:

Pre-Treatment Preparations:

• Remove toys from lawn or corral in one central areaMosquito
• Coil up or remove garden hoses
• Remove hanging laundry and pool towels
• Close car windows and sun roofs
• Prepare to close house windows, garage doors, and turn off air conditioning
• Not necessary to cover pools
• Identify Hazards: vegetable gardens and water features with fish require our attention

Due to the process of the barrier treatment and the possible residual dispersed into the wind,  we ask you close your windows and turn off your air conditioning during the application to your property. Once we have completed, you may open your windows, however we ask you and your pets to remain off the lawn for an hour after the treatment to allow the application to dry.


Special Events:

If you are having this application completed prior to an event, we ask you to coordinate with our office a time prior to  tent and catering setup. We want to ensure there is a thorough coverage of the event area.