Our Services

Residential Program

This program is designed to decrease and monitor the mosquito and tick population around your home.

Municipal Program

This program is designed to decrease and monitor the mosquito and tick population around your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.

Insects such as mosquitoes and ticks can carry diseases that may be harmful for your family and pets. All Habitat Services offers a variety of control options that will help reduce insect populations to keep your family safe.


The warmth of the summer months brings fun, but also the constant swatting and spraying to keep off mosquitoes that can cause disease. All Habitat Services, LLC, specializes in mosquito prevention and management with programs that include site investigation, species surveillance, and various treatments.

We provide regular monitoring of mosquito populations in both the larval and adult stages to acquire the data necessary to support treatment decisions and evaluate program results. The four components of All Habitat Services’ surveillance program are larval breeding inspections, New Jersey light trap monitoring, CDC live trap monitoring and standing bite counts. Areas identified as supporting breeding mosquitoes are targeted for treatment cycles.

All Habitat’s larvicide treatments are the most effective for controlling mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are extremely vulnerable during their larval stage because of their relatively dense concentrations and the limited protection their shallow breeding waters offer. The treatments are applied in these breeding areas of stagnant water to produce dramatic reductions in airborne adult mosquito populations and maintain levels below those sufficient to experience any severe nuisance or annoyance without causing harm to non-target organisms.

All Habitat Services also offers a variety of other management options depending on the life cycle stage of the mosquitoes being treated. These include catch basin treatments, adulticide treatments, and ULV spray treatments, etc. Homeowners can help prevent a high presence of mosquitoes by inspecting and eliminating any containers or areas on their property that might hold standing water for more than a few days.



Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses can be a serious risk to you and your family throughout the year. All Habitat Services, LLC offers a treatment of Talstar EZ®, a practical and economic alternative to other tick treatments. This application is a granular treatment applied in a ten foot band around the edge of your property to create a barrier without altering landscaping. The treatment lasts approximately 2 to 4 months so normally during the season (April to November) we only need two treatments for best protection.

Homeowners can further reduce the risk of tick-borne illnesses by making their landscape less hospitable to tick carriers including keeping firewood and bird feeders away from the home, removing leaf litter, trimming trees and bushes, and keeping grass trimmed, etc.